Buying for babies now is even more confusing. With all the wonderful new baby toys, books, blankets and bottles. Most people buying a gift for baby don’t know where to start. That’s where peter and Paul’s gifts come in. We have our in house baby buyer Katherine as your very personal expert on all things baby. With fo
Spa gifts are perfect to give to anyone looking to relax and enjoy a peaceful moment. Our spa gifts are perfect gifts for mom, dad, your girlfriend, colleague, husband or wife. Give a spa gift filled with gourmet tea, fashionable tea cups, silky robes, Shea soaps, organic body creams, and beautiful fragrances to create a o
It’s hard not to get overwhelmed by the sheer size of your wedding planning “to-do” list. From meeting with vendors to ensuring that your vision is met without going over budget, the stress of planning your big day can certainly take a toll on your mental health.  But fear not, because here are a few ways you can ta
The days where wedding ceremonies and receptions being in two different places are gone as more couples are opting for a stress-free, two-in-one venue for their big day! What are some of the benefits to holding your wedding ceremony at your reception venue?   Later start to the day While most brides will be up before