To say 2020 office vibes are a little different is an understatement.

The last 9 months have been nothing short of weird as we try to navigate this new normal and look to find ways of building office morale when most of us are working from home. We don’t get to meet up in the office kitchen for our daily download of shows or munch in meetings over Tim Horton’s Muffins!

So without the holiday office parties how can you create festive cheer for your employees or colleagues?

Send some cheer and Zoom in with your team to create a few festivities from afar! We have these great gifts that are sure to put a smile on your Office BFF or your entire team!

Want to do some virtual toasting? Send out any one of these easy kits to get the festivity started!

Our Moscow Mule for 2 – $65

White Wine Kit – $45

Vodka kit – $50

Need to keep the momentum up at home, send a cheeky Work From Home Essentials Kit! Filled with the staples to keep production and humour up!

Work from Home Essentials Kit – $55

Want to just brighten someone’s day or home office? Our Selfie Smile will do just that (and for only $55!)

Encouraging team building is always important, at Peter and Paul’s Gifts we also host live Virtual Experiences.

From Escape Rooms and treats to tours of the vineyards in Italy with wine let us help you create a very customizable team-building event.


Carla Silvestrone

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