The highly anticipated reopening of Eaton Hall has finally arrived!

Introducing Eaton Hall Country Inn and Spa, the newest addition to the Peter and Paul’s Hospitality Group.  We are thrilled to be part of the rich history of this Canadian landmark and are counting down the days to the official opening.  Stunning private events will be paired with luxury spa facilities for the ultimate country escape.

Considered the pride of King Township, Eaton Hall is a 35,000 square-foot Chateau nestled in 700 acres of green space. The story of it’s creation began in the 1930’s when it was built as a summer home for the prominent Eaton Family. Over it’s journey it has been used privately by the Eaton family, offered as a convalescence hospital during World War Two and was sold to Seneca College in 1971 which it is still a part of today. Peter and Paul’s Hospitality Group is honoured to be part of this incredible story.

A wait-list to gain information about the venue is now open!  Contact our sales team online and you will receive a response beginning June 1st.

The newly renovated Eaton Hall Country Inn and Spa by Peter and Paul’s Hospitality Group  is setting the bar for lavish events.  Join us in celebrating this exciting and historic moment as we transform and elevate the hospitality industry in Canada.


Cathy Longo

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