It’s hard not to get overwhelmed by the sheer size of your wedding planning “to-do” list. From meeting with vendors to ensuring that your vision is met without going over budget, the stress of planning your big day can certainly take a toll on your mental health.  But fear not, because here are a few ways you can take on the progress with ease.


  1. Open lines of communication

From the get-go, you’ll definitely want to talk with all involved in contributing to your wedding. Be sure to have a sit down conversation with your parents, in-laws and partner to get a transparent and clarifying look at who is contributing what and how things will operate during the planning process. Your takeaways from having those conversations at the start of your planning and throughout your journey will allow you to have clear expectations and mitigate any unwanted surprises or pushback.


  1. Always lead with a budget

When meeting with your vendors, it’s important that you are always honest about what your budget is. The last thing you’ll want is to have your heart set on something, only to realize that it is way out of your price range. While the details matter (we hear you loud and clear), be sure to be up front with each vendor you meet with so they can provide you with plenty of options that fit the bill and your vision.


  1. Imperfect is perfect

Let’s face it, nothing in life is ever 100 per cent perfect, and that also includes your wedding. Setting sky-high expectations and stressing over the perfect day is downright silly because it takes away from your overall enjoyment.  Instead, make a commitment to step back, breathe and allow all of your decisions to fall neatly into place with a day that’ll be one for the books!


Alessandra Garofalo

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