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Happy #NationalDiscJockeyDay! To celebrate we sat down with one of our talented S4 DJ’s, David Bowkett, to hear about his experience with S4 Entertainment & Audio Visual and what he loves most about being in this profession.

Why Do You Like Working With S4?
My name is David Bowkett and I’ve been working with S4 Entertainment & Audio Visual for the last 13 years. S4 is and always has been full of top professionals in the DJ Entertainment industry, which is one of the reasons that I applied with the company back in 2003.  I have always been a musical person, but back then I hadn’t had much experience playing at many parties.  I had a lot to learn.  Being with S4 I’ve found a large group of phenomenal DJ’s who support each other and continuously push each other to learn, practice, be creative, analyse and reach new heights.  The collective drive to be better and achieve greatness has always been infectious, and the support system within the team is second to none.  Today we are a group of talented, passionate, musical people who love our job of creating a party no matter who is filling up our dance floors, or what types of music we are playing for them. I often refer to my colleagues at S4 as being “family”. Not work family, just family. I truly am proud to be part of such a great team.

What Do You Love About Being A DJ?

Let’s face it, my job is to party.  My clients are often in celebration mode whether it’s their wedding, birthday, or some other celebration.  At these parties, it is my job and my pleasure to help create memorable moments with them. From romantic first dances with the bride and groom to playing the bride’s favourite song after her and her squad have been to the bar a few times.  Whether it’s getting ‘Granny’ on the dancefloor, or playing a set of 80’s club music for the group of ladies who haven’t been out dancing together for years.  From school dances full of young people hearing their favourite songs on a big sound system for the first time to 90th birthday parties full of reflection, love and sentimental moments.  There are many variables which determine what type of night I may have at work, and there are many elements of my job that I enjoy, but it is my love for fuelling the joy in the room that takes the cake.  Playing a song that makes the room come alive with dancing, smiles, laughs and screams is like giving out free ice cream to a class of 5-year-olds on a hot summer’s day. I find great pleasure in knowing that I’ve made someone’s day better.

…Oh, and I enjoy the music too!

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