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Need Some Inspiration For Your Winter Wedding?

Many winter wedding ideas are tried and true. Step outside your comfort zone and explore the unique inspiration out there to create a winter wedding that will have people wishing for snow! At byPeterandPauls.com we know that once the winter blues hits, it’s hard to think creatively about your upcoming winter wedding. We have put together a list of Pinterest-worthy ideas to give you that winter wedding inspo you need to give you a jumpstart on your wedding planning.

  1. Play with Colour – Red and green certainly is festive, but it’s overdone. Try instead making your wedding a little more glam with silver, white and crystals.  Adding subtle accents with satin ribbon, crystal curtains and white orchids to tie it all together.
  2. Invitations – Considering most (if not all) winter weddings are held indoors, use this opportunity to do something more formal. When picking invitations think ballroom or black tie event. Thick card stocks in browns or blacks are formal, but take it a step above with a Plexi invite wrapped neatly in a silver shimmery envelope.
  3. Centerpieces – Use your centerpieces to convey a warm yet romantic feel. However, try to incorporate the beauty of the icy outdoors with ice-carved vases with tall winter white branches, and crystals. Adding a few candles to bring the warmth.
  4. Party Favours – During the winter months, and all year round in fact, food favours are always a hit! Steer away from the traditional cookies and lean more towards something more unique to the season. Think, roasted chestnuts, or chocolate covered berries.  Take it a step further by heating it up behind the bar with a hot chocolate station, perfect for the chilly drive home.
  5. Honeymoon Destinations – Many couples flee the chill of the winter weather, why not change it up! Embrace the cooler weather by renting a log cabin and enjoying a week of skiing, wining, dining and snuggles!

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*Cover Photo Credit: Samantha Ong Photography



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