Meet Romy Jolly, Executive Chef for PeterandPauls EventCatering. While he is a master of several types of cuisine, he especially enjoys preparing South Asian fare. It is the cuisine of his culture!

Chef Romy started his flavour quest when he was a young boy by helping with his family’s business. He was expected to help with the daily chores and preparation of food. Romy picked up much of his knowledge and skill set from his mother. He has travelled near and far to explore the different styles and techniques used in making 5-star cuisine. In his opinion, the best way to study his profession is by travelling the world, tasting new flavours, and discovering different techniques!

PeterandPauls EventCatering is an award-winning catering service that has been recognized for its innovation by Meeting + Incentives Travel Magazine as the Best Caterer in Central Canada. Chef Romy Jolly is the mastermind behind their success. With a passion for creativity and fine dining, he has brought an undeniable flair to the PeterandPauls EventCatering team. With every year, event and dish he brings a new combination of flavours prepared to perfection.

You’ll have to book your event with us today to taste his creations!

Check out some of Chef Romy’s delectable creations on our Instagram @pnpeventcating and follow our mini blog series called:     for inspiration in your kitchen!




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  1. Dilan Joseph Fernando


    Romy and his team catered our wedding at a different venue. Our food was nothing short of perfect. I say perfect because the perfect meal he gave at our tasting for 2 was the same meal he provided to our guests of over 250, there was no difference in quality or taste. Simply perfect. He created an incredibly complex and unique menu with 2 starters, an 11 item main course served family style, and 2 separate desserts. We had many of our older and much more critical aunts and uncles comment on how good the food was, and that’s a real compliment coming from those who have been cooking for many years.. The hall even commented on how professional their team was, and how easy they were to work with, They even tried the food and said it was incredible. Again, a real compliment from people within the wedding industry.
    Cannot say enough great things. Right from the planning stage, you get the sense that he wants the meal to be perfect and that he does not cut corners, whether it was the taste of the meal or how it was presented, he examined and planned every detail. He was incredibly patient with my wife and I, during the planning stages as we were learning how to plan a wedding ourselves and he guided us through this process of planning the meal. He arranged for tastings and made changes as we asked while also providing guidance. His execution on the day of our wedding was flawless, despite the challenges we threw at his team. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our cocktail hour was delayed by an hour, and then after that, the final dinner was then again delayed another hour when an issue with the DJ popped up. His team rolled with the punches and were still able to produce our perfect wedding meal. His eye for detail, planning, and ability to execute on the day of the wedding should be recognized. This is long winded because the food was the most important thing to us and Romy his team knocked it out of the park. I would definitely recommend his catering team for all events, small or large. You can be confident the food he provides you at the tasting will be exactly what you get at your main event. You can be confident his team will execute on the day of your event. Thanks again for everything. Dilan and Sakthi


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