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What Wedding Planning Really Looks Like….

You’ve waited forever for that moment when he gets on one knee and asks you to be his wife! Everything is perfect – at least for the first 15 minutes.  Commence wedding planning anxiety and enter bridezilla! It’s easy, they said, it will be fun, they said. byPeterandPauls.com knows what it’s like to plan weddings, so we know that if you’ve ever planned a wedding, you will be able to relate.  Here are 25 stages every bride goes through when planning their big day.

1. It’s finally happened, I’M ENGAGED! I WANT TO TELL THE WORLD

2. Of course all my Instagram followers will be dying to know what the ring looks like #ISAIDYES

3. When my friends ask to see the ring

4. It’s all rainbows and smiles until the questions start… Did you pick a date? Who’s in the wedding party? When are you going to buy your dress? Where are you going to live? How many kids are you going to have?

5. After some anxiety passes, you finally pick a date and all is well in the world again.

6. You call up all your best friends and invite them to be in the wedding party.  Let the party begin! Wedding magazines, bridal shows, and dress shopping oh my!

7. Even your future hubby is getting in on the action! Your date’s now consist of cake tastings or venue shopping, it’s so much fun!

8. But with more and more things added to your checklist You start to realize that planning a wedding isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, how many decisions does one couple have to make! You’re juggling a million different things from the florist to the venue to your mother who is insisting on inviting all your third cousins twice removed because “family is family”

9. Your bridesmaids, pshhh they’re easy, they’ll LOVE any bridesmaids dress you pick! Until your bestie starts complaining about her figure and your sister hates the colour…

10. And your future in-laws are planning the wedding of their dreams at your expense, telling you exactly how your day should go.

11. You start to think to yourself, “How on earth does anyone survive through the wedding planning process?”

12. Nonetheless you ignore the stress and continue on the pursuit for everything to look amazing on your wedding day. You finally find the dress and you’re on cloud 9!

13. Back to reality there’s still so much to do, in so little time! You’re putting deposits down left right and center for venue and florals and the cake because budget? What budget?

14. But it doesn’t stop there, there’s still the shoes, something blue, something new and a wedding present for your future hubby?! Isn’t it enough that you’re marrying him?

15. You need to stop spending money! How do other brides do it? DIY! You discover Pinterest and you spend way too much time googling make your own centerpieces.

16. Soon you find yourself surrounded by ribbon and glitter with glue in your hair, cursing Pinterest for ever giving you the idea of making your own table cards to begin with!

17. Not to mention it’s now one month before your wedding and you’re counting every calorie, realizing that you can’t take a chance so you won’t be eating until the wedding

18. And you’re happy but you can’t stop crying…

19. And crying…

20. And yelling and you don’t know why but you’re the bride and you can if you want to

21. And you think to yourself, why do people even get married in the first place!

22. But by the grace of God you make it through and it’s the morning of and you wake up with pre-wedding jitters while simultaneously super excited about the day ahead

23. You run around the house telling everyone what to do because it’s YOUR day and you want it to go perfectly

24. And when you finally walk down the aisle you realize that all the stress and anxiety was worth it and you’re guests are going to have a fabulous time

25. And you get to live happily ever after with your best friend!

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